December 2017 New Books Fiction-

Higgins Clark, Mary     Every Breath You Take

James, E.L             Darker

Koontz, Dean            The Whispering Room

Patterson, James       The People VS. Alex Cross


November 2017 New Books Fiction-

Connelly, Michael     Two Kinds Of Truth

Cussler, Clive             Typhoon Fury

Evanovich, Janet      Hardcore Twenty-Four

Grisham, John          The Rooster Bar

Ross, Ann B.          Miss  Julia Weathers The Storm


October 2017 New Books Fiction-

Anderson, Catherine    Christmas Room

Hilderbrand, Elin         Winter Solstice

Macomber, Debbie       Merry And Bright

Michaels, Fern           Holly And Joy

Miller, Linda Lael      A Snow Country Christmas

Steele, Danielle          Fairytale


October 2017 New Adult Inspirational Fiction-

Hauck, Rachel          Once Upon A Prince

Hauck, Rachel         How To Catch a Prince

Peterson, Tracie         A Moment In Time

Peterson, Tracie        Hope Rekindled


September 2017 New Books Fiction-

Daley, Janet       Texas Fierce

Grafton, Sue       Y Is For Yesterday

Karon, Jan         To Be Where You Are

Palmer, Diana      Undaunted

Coulter, Catherine      Enigma

Cussler,  Clive      The Romanov Ransom

Gerritsen, Tess    I Know A Secret

Lagercrantz, David     The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye

Robb, J.D.         Secrets In Death

Scottoline, Lisa      Exposed

Steele, Danielle     The Right Time

Woods, Stuart      Barely Legal


September 2017 New Adult Inspirational Fiction-

Bylin, Victoria       The Two Of Us

Cantore, Janice      Crisis Shot

Clark Starns, Mindy     My Daughter’s Legacy

Clark Starns, Mindy     My Brother’s Crown

Clark Starns, Mindy     My Sister’s Prayer

Coble, Colleen        Beneath Copper Falls

Gabhart, Ann H.    These Healing Hills

Hauck, Rachel       The Writing Desk

Johnson, Liz          On Love’s Gentle Shore

Johnson, Liz         The Red Door Inn

Johnson, Liz         Where Two Hearts Meet

Walsh, Courtney     Just Look Up


August 2017 New Books Fiction-

Brown, Sandra           Seeing Red

Crichton, Michael      Dragon Teeth

Macomber, Debbie     Any Dream will Do

Patterson, James       The Store


August Adult Inspirational Fiction-

Miller, Carolyn       The Captivating Lady Charlotte

Miller, Carolyn       The Elusive Miss Ellison

White, Roseanna    A Name Unknown


July 2017 New Books Fiction-

Barton, Fiona           The Child

Campbell, Michelle      It’s Always The Husband

Cantero, Edgar        Meddling Kids

Clemons, Zinzi         What We Lose

Conway, Martha      The Underground River

Connelly, Michael    The Late Show

Dionne, Karen          The Marsh King’s Daughter

Gabaldon, Diana       Seven Stones To Stand Or Fall

Garwood, Julie           Wired

Jackson, Joshilyn       The Almost Sisters

Kelly, Erin                    He Said/She Said

Kubica, Mary               Every Last Lie

Mallery, Susan            Secrets Of The Tulip Sisters

Mbue, Imbolo             Behold The Dreamers

Meloy, Malie                Do Not Become Alarmed

Paris, B.A.                     The Breakdown

Reichs, Kathy               Two Nights

Shreve, Anita                The Stars Are Fire

Steele, Danielle           The Duchess

Steiner, Susie                Persons Unknown

Strout, Elizabeth          Anything Is Possible


July 2017 Adult Inspirational Fiction-

Coble, Colleen         Twilight At Blueberry Barrens

Delamere, Jennifer     The Captain’s Daughter

Hannon, Irene         Buried Secrets

Hannon, Irene        Thin Ice

Hannon, Irene        Tangled Webs



June 2017 New Books Fiction-

Child, Lee         No Middle Name

Douglass, Kirk      Kirk & Anne

Evanovich, Janet    Dangerous Minds

Green, Jane        The Sunshine Sisters

Hawkins, Paula      Into The Water

Hilderbrand, Elin    The Identicals

Koontz, Dean        The Silent Corner

Lennon, Julian       Touch The Earth

Parker, Robert        Little White Lies

Roberts, Nora         Come Sundown

Turow, Scott       Testimony

Woods, Stuart      Indecent Exposure


June 2017 Adult Inspirational Fiction-

Hedlund, Judy       With You Always


May 2017 New Books Fiction-

Evans, Richard Paul       The Broken Road

Baldacci, David      The Fix

Paretsky, Sara         Fallout

Patterson, James      Crazy House

Patterson, James     16th Seduction

Sandford, John        Golden Prey

Woods, Stuart        Fast & Loose

Wade, Becky            True To You

April 2017 New Books Fiction-

Attenberg, Jami        All Grown Up

Baker Kline, Christina      A Piece Of The World

Box, C.J.        Vicious Circle

Carr, Robyn      Any Day Now

Carter,  Erika      Lucky You

Clark, Mary Higgins     All By Myself, Alone

Clavin, Thomas      Dodge City

Coulter,  Catherine      The Devil’s Triangle

Cussler,  Clive           The Cutthroat

Dickerson, Melanie      A Viscount’s Proposal

Hampton, Nell            Kale To The Queen

Hooper, Kay      Wait For Dark

Hunter, Georgia     We Were The Lucky Ones

Iles, Greg           Mississippi Blood

Jance, Judith A.       Man Overboard

Kellerman, Faye      Bone Box

Macomber, Debbie      If Not For You

Miranda, Megan       All The Missing Girls

Parker,  Robert       Revelation

Patterson, James       Black Book

Patterson, James        Two From The Heart

Schlink,  Bernard      The Woman On The Stairs

See, Lisa      The Girl Of Hummingbird Lane

Ware, Ruth     The Woman In Cabin 10

White, Karen       The Night The Lights Went Out


May 2017 New Books Adult Inspirational Fiction-

Blackstock, Terri      If I’m Found

Calvert, Candace       By Your Side

Calvert, Candace       Maybe It’s You

Calvert, Candace       Step By Step #2

Cantore, Janice       Critical Pursuit

Cantore, Janice       Drawing Fire

Cantore, Janice      Burning Proof

Cantore, Janice      Visible Threat #2

Cantore, Janice        Catching Heat #3

Hannon, Irene       Sandpiper Cove

Harris, Lisa          Missing #2

Harris, Lisa         Pursued #3

Harris, Lisa         Vendetta #1

Hatcher, Robin Lee      You’ll Think Of Me

Hedlund, Jody        Never Forget

Hedlund, Jody        For Love And Honor

Janzen, Rhoda       Mennonite Meets Mr. Right

Turansky, Carrie     Shine Like The Dawn


March 2017 New Books Fiction-

Corry, Jane          My Husband’s Wife

Fluke, Joanne      Banana Cream Pie Murder

Delaney, JP          The Girl Before

Grippando, James      Most Dangerous Place

Kellerman, Jonathan    Heartbreak Hotel

Pinborough, Sarah       Behind Her Eyes

Robb, J.D.             Echoes In Death


February 2017 New Books Fiction-

Gardner, Lisa     Right Behind You

Harper, Jane      The Dry

Paris, B.A        Behind Closed Doors

Roth, Veronica     Carve The Mark

Steele, Danielle       The Mistress


February 2017 New Books Adult Inspirational Fiction-

Coble, Colleen     Because You’re Mine


January 2017 New Books Fiction-

Flagg, Fannie       The Whole Town’s Talking

Woods, Stuart      Below The Belt

November 2016 New Books Fiction-

Bodensteiner, Carol     Go Away Home

Chamberlin, Holly      The Season Of Us

Child, Lee               Night School

Cornwell, Patricia       Chaos

Connelly, Michael        The Wrong Side Of Goodbye

Costello, Debbie           Shattered Memories

Evanovich, Janet        Turbo Twenty-Three

Glass, Cathy            Run, Mommy, Run

Higgins-Clark,  Mary      The Sleeping Beauty Killer

Hilderbrand, Elin       Winter Storms

Meyer, Stephanie       The Chemist

Patterson, James         Cross The Line

Steele, Danielle      The Award

Adult Inspirational Fiction-

Kingsbury, Karen      A Baxter Family Christmas

Woodsmall, Cindy     The Angel Of Forest Hill


January 2017 Adult Large Print Fiction-

Fluke, Joanne        Wedding Cake Murder

Deveraux, Jude      Change Of Heart

Palmer, Diana       Defender

Robb, J.D     Delusion In Death

Woods, Stuart     Severe Clear


October 2016 New Books Fiction-

Brown, Sandra           Sting

McKenzie, CB            Bad Country

Parker, Robert B.      Debt To Pay

Patterson, James       Cradle And All

Robb, J.D              Apprentice In Death

Jance, J.A                Downfall

Picoult, Jodi           Small Great Things

Slaughter, Karin      The Kept Woman

Sparks, Nicholas     Two By Two

Gabaldon, Diana      Outlander

Gabaldon, Diana     Dragonfly In Amber

Gabaldon, Diana       Voyager

Gabaldon, Diana      Drums In Autumn

Gabaldon, Diana     The Fiery Cross

Gabaldon, Diana     A Breath Of Snow And Ashes

Gabaldon, Diana    An Echo In The Bone

Gabaldon, Diana     Written In My Own Heart’s Blood

Gaines, Chip & Joanna    The Magnolia Story

Grisham, John     The Whistler

Macomber, Debbie    The Perfect Christmas

Palmer, Diana       Fire Brand

Patterson, James    Filthy Rich

Sandford, John     Escape Clause

VanLiere,  Donna    The Christmas Town

Woods,  Sherryl    Mending Fences


October 2016 Adult Inspirational Fiction-

Connealy, Mary       No Way Up

Hunter, Denise        Just A Kiss

Copeland, Lori    The Preacher’s Lady

Hannon, Irene     One Perfect Spring

Hannon, Irene     Hope Harbor

Hannon, Irene     Decieved

Hannon, Irene    That Certain Summer

Hannon, Irene      Vanished

Hannon, Irene      Trapped


September 2016 New Books Fiction-

Cussler, Clive         Pirate

Dailey, Janet          Texas Tall ( The Tylers Of Texas)

Evanovich, Janet     Curious Minds

Steele, Danielle        Rushing Water


August 2016 New Books Fiction-

Giffin, Emily       First Comes Love

Macomber, Debbie    Sweet Tommorows

Mallery, Susan           Daughters Of The Bride

Moriarty, Liane         Truly Madly Guilty

Steele, Danielle        Magic

Whitehead, Colson   The Underground Railroad

Woods, Stuart           Smooth Operator

Coulter, Catherine    Insidious

Kilpack, Josi S           A Heart Revealed

Kilpack, Josi S          Lord Fenton’s Folly

Patterson, James     Bullseye

Campbell Allen, Nancy      My Fair Gentleman


August 2016 Adult Inspirational Fiction-

Coble, Colleen      To Love A Stranger

Coble, Colleen      The Heart Answers

Turano, Jen          After A Fashion

Turano, Jen         Playing The Part

Turano, Jen        In Good Company

Wade, Becky      Undeniably Yours

Wade, Becky        A Love Like Ours

Wade, Becky        Meant To Be Mine

Wade, Becky        Her One And Only


June 2016 New Books

Backman, Fredrik         Britt-Marie Was Here
Benton, Dorothea         All Summer Long
Camden, Elizabeth       From This Moment
Carle, Eric                       From Head to Toe
Cleave, Chris                  Everyone Brave is Here
Deveraux, Jude             The Girl From Summer Hill
DiSciafani, Anton         The After Party
Graham, Heather         Flawless
Hannon, Irene              Sea Rose Lane
Hawley, Noah               Before the Fall
Howard, Linda             Troublemaker
Kelly, Martha               Lilac Girls
Ladd, Sarah                  Dawn At Emberwilde
Parker, Robert             Slow Burn
Patterson, James        15th Affair
Quindlen, Anna           Miller’s Valley
Roberts, Nora              The Obsession
Steel, Danielle              The Apartment
Witemeyer, Karen       No Other Will Do
Woods, Stuart              Family Jewels
Woods, Stuart              Dishonorable Intentions
May 2016 New Books
Clark, Mary Higgins     As Time Goes By
Hauck, Rachel               The Wedding Dress
Hauck, Rachel                The Wedding Chapel
McHale, Celeste             The Secret to Hummingbird Cake
Walsh, Courtney            Paper Hearts
Walsh, Courtney            Change of Heart
Garcia, Kami                   Beautiful Creatures


April 2016 New Books
Baldacci, David               The Last Mile
Carr, Robyn                     What We Find
Faye, Lyndsay                Jane Steele
Johansen, Iris                Hide Away
Quick, Amanda             Til Death Do Us Part
McMillan, Tracy            Multiple Listings
Sandford, John             Extreme Prey
Sweeney, Cynthia         The Nest
Yun, Jung                        Shelter