Library History

The following is an article from the Minneola Record, April 13, 1909 Issue:

J. A. Follick has just put in a fine library. There are about 430 books in it, and are the latest by the best fiction writers of the day. You pay $1.00 for a book and when you read it you can return it and get another one by paying 15 (cents) difference, and the book belongs to you and you need not exchange it unless you want to do so. The book lovers of Minneola will now be able to get what they want.

The above account was the first effort toward providing a library for the growing town of Minneola. The newspapers do not say how long this small beginning lasted.

Free Public Library

The 1930 Civic Club organized a library and placed it in the city hall. …[It remained] there until 1949 when a petition was circulated among the people of Minneola to bring before the Mayor and the City Council the question “Shall the City of Minneola establish and maintain a free library and reading room?” This petition carried over 100 signatures. The question was submitted to the people at the City election April 5, 1949. The election results were 97 people for and 8 against.
With the passing of this, the library was then legally established and organized under [State regulations]. This allowed the Library to be supported by a tax levy on the City of Minneola. [The Library was funded with the first years tax levy of $333.75.] The Library continued to operate in the City Hall until 1953 when the library board, needing more room for the library, signed a 99 year lease with the City of the use of the rock building, known as the Boy Scout Building, at the corner of Oak and Locust.

…the Library was opened four hours a week, [and the librarian was paid 50 cents an hour.] The library board asked the City Council to have the building piped for gas and wired for electricity. The books were moved from the City hall in August 1953.

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